Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5- Friday Blues

I ended my last blog talking about food and eating... well, something we had to eat has given some people the major blues today. When I arrived to breakfast, not everyone was there. Candace asked me right away how I was feeling and I told her I was feeling just fine. We then learned that our group had been hit hard by some sort of food poisoning. One of our girls had to go to the hospital to get rehydrated. Five of the others here at the camp have been up sick all night. We haved moved them into an area all of their own where they can sort of be quarantined for a bit. Candace and PZ were up all night with the sick ones and have been taking care of everyone. We were able to get some medicine today and some pedialyte that will help them bounce back pretty quickly. A historical record of symtoms, food, etc. has us thinking they might have contracted either E. Coli or Shigella. If anyone is reading this blog getting worried, know they are in good hands. Everyone is already feeling much better and they are getting the best care possible. Not often you can get sick and have more than a dozen of your own personal nurses. We cancelled setting up the clinic at the market in Belmopan today. Everyone is staying close to camp and some are going to sit around today reading and watching a movie perhaps. If it is Shigella or E. Coli then we have about 36 hours of a window to find out who else might drop on us. Meanwhile, all of the sheets are being changed, bathrooms being fully scrubbed down, laundry being done, and everything being sanitized just to be safe.We're just all a little paranoid at this point, but everyone figures it is just part of the journey, and something that will make things just all that more memorable in the future. I'm kinda nervous because I'm headed out to the coast today for the weekend and don't want to get there and then find out that I was a carrier as well. I'm just hoping that I'll stay feeling healthy and energized. I'll try to update this blog later when I get a chance, but if I don't have access to the Internet where I'm going then, I'll be able to update things on Sunday. In the meantime, don't worry, everyone is in good hands, doing better, and being well taken care of. We'll all be rebounded as a strong team in no time. Talk later...

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