Saturday, January 10, 2009

And Then They Rested...

Last night we all went out for dinner instead of staying in. We told the wait staff it was PZ's birthday (which it really wasn't) and sang her the whole birthday song with cake an all.

Most of us went out to the clubs dancing afterwards. It's like every song they played had some sort of a salsa vibe to it. Audrey and I took a cab back. When we stepped out onto the street, a group of militia was at the intersection arresting men and throwing handcuffs on them over the top of their heads. There were big guns and men in black an army green pacing the streets. We pretended to take a picture of Audrey, but really zoomed in on the scary men.

Today has been our first free day since we began... it was well needed and well deserved. We began at the Marketplace getting some things. It is a very lively place with many different cultures emerged into one. I didn't shop, I just took pictures... it was like a photographer's dream.

After the market we went to the ancient Mayan ruins called Xunantunich. It was breathtaking. We saw 2 monkeys while we were there, several giant ignauas, and a few pretty birds. It's amazing to walk amid such history.

After we descended from the tallest of the ruins , we had a healing prayer circle on the side. We each went around and offered up prayers and a column of light to go out to the world. Many of whom you who are reading this were in mind as we offered up the light to you as well.

After the Mayan ruins, we really got to actually relax. We came to the resort next door and relaxed by the pool. The sun, the view, the satisfaction of a week's hard work, friends, a full belly, and a new appreciation for the things we have to be grateful for had left me feeling high on life! This view and my virgin pina colada is my new peaceful place to go back to when the stress piles on high next week.

That's it for now... I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day off. Much love and light... Jitterbug


At January 11, 2009 at 12:48 PM , Blogger dadandmom said...

Great photos!! Sounds like you deserved a little R&R on Saturday. Put a little $$ in your paypal for some meds for the kids!! Love Dad & Mom

Matthew 25:40


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